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Policy-Making in the European Union, 7th edition

Published: January 2015 | Related Faculty: Alasdair Young


This definitive guide to policy-making in the European Union provides students and scholars with unmatched analysis of major policy challenges, including the euro area crisis and enlargement.


A New Role for Public Health in Bioterrorism Deterrence

Published: December 2014 | Related Faculty: Margaret E. Kosal


When this article was submitted in April 2014, only a handful of scholars and policy-makers in the defense and security communities were following the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, which was over 4 months old at that time. Now that thousands of people have died, cases have spread to the US and Europe, and thousands of US uniformed military are being deployed on humanitarian assistance/disaster relief missions, attention and interest are significantly heightened.

戶籍制度的變遷及其引發的衝突與爭端 (Changes and evolution of the hukou system and the subsequent conflicts)

Published: November 2014 | Related Faculty: Fei-Ling Wang


This is the Chinese translation of my article “Conflict, Resistance, and the Reform of the Hukou System,” a chapter in Edited Elizabeth J. Perry, Mark Selden eds., Chinese Society: Change, Conflict and Resistance, 3rd edition, London: Routledge, 2010. Translator is Dr.  Xia Lu (夏璐).

China in Africa: presence, perceptions and prospects

Published: October 2014 | Related Faculty: Fei-Ling Wang


This article reports and analyzes China's presence in Africa with an emphasis on how that has been perceived by the Africans. Based on the findings from surveys and field research conducted in eight sub-Saharan African countries and interviews with scholars and practitioners from other African countries as well as Chinese and Americans in Africa, we outline the diverse, complicated and evolving African perceptions about China's explosive presence in general and the booming Chinese business activities in particular that now range from love to suspicion.