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Oxford Bibliographies - The Hukou (Household Registration) System

Published: March 2014 | Related Faculty: Fei-Ling Wang


The Hukou (Household Registration) System

Anticipating the Biological Proliferation Threat of Nanotechnology: Challenges for International Arms Control Regime

Published: January 2014 | Related Faculty: Margaret E. Kosal


This chapter explores challenges—both in the technical realm and in international arms control regimes and laws—in the pursuit of nanotechnology as it intersects with the proliferation of biological weapons. Nanotechnology is thriving in academia, in the private sector, and in state science and technology programs.

Public Housing Demolition and Neighborhood Revitalization in Atlanta

Published: January 2014 | Related Faculty: Thomas "Danny" Boston


Within the short time frame of 15 years (1995 to 2010), AHA undertook the most extensive transformation of public housing in the nation. This chapter evaluates the impact on families who were displaced by the demolition and revitalization activities. The fundamental question it asks is this -- were families better off...?

Militaries and Modern States: The Comparative Evidence from Costa Rica and Honduras?

Published: November 2013 | Related Faculty: Kirk Bowman


Demilitarization and Contemporary World History

Policy Memo: "Russia and the Geopolitics of Natural Gas: Leveraging or Succumbing to Revolution?"

Published: October 2013 | Related Faculty: Adam N. Stulberg


As a member of a panel on Russia's geopolitical energy options, Professor Stulberg argued for focusing on how Moscow is responding to both challenges and opportunities presented by a dramatically changing global gas industry. He explicates key strategic dilemmas and limitations associated with Russia's "gas weapon" in this shifting landscape.  View the panel discussion by clicking on the link below.