Rashidah Hardwick

Name: Rashidah Hardwick Picture of Faculty/Staff Member
Alumni Of:
  • School of International Affairs
  • M.S. INTA 2007
Current Job: Internal Operations Support to the Office of Military Commissions

How did Tech and INTA help you get where you are?

The faculty and staff at the Sam Nunn School of International Affairs are among the most progressive and supportive people that I have ever had the good fortune to meet. I left graduate school knowing that I could without question pursue my chosen career path and become successful. Transitioning from life as a student to that of a young professional can be overwhelming, and the new responsibilities can seem daunting. However, if you go into the world confident and sure in the knowledge that you have all of the necessary tools to achieve great things, you see your challenges as opportunities and not as stumbling blocks. INTA gave me the tools that I needed to transform challenges into great opportunities.

What advice you would give current students at Tech as well as the Sam Nunn School specifically?

I would advise current students at Tech to network, network, network. Education can get you through the door, but your network may very well be the tool that helps you to beat the competition. Be nice to strangers because you never know who is listening or watching. Finally, find ways to stand out and be unique without compromising your values. This will ensure that you are proud of your successes in the long run.

What is something that you got from studying INTA at Tech?

I learned to think outside of the box. In closed settings, it is often appealing and sometimes encouraged to participate in group-think. Being challenged to present on various topics of global significance helps you to see the world in a broader and more meaningful way. You learn to appreciate the diversity of thought that exists in our world, and that is important for anyone who wants to be successful in INTA.

Also, a brief description of what you are currently working on would be greatly appreciated.

Currently, I provide internal operations support to the Office of Military Commissions. I greatly appreciate the opportunity to work in the field of national security and in support of the defense of our nation.