Graduate Admissions Instructions

The Sam Nunn School of International Affairs offers a professional Master of Science in International Affairs (MSIA) as well as a Ph.D. in International Affairs, Science and Technology (IAST).  In the case of both programs, admission is offered to those applicants who appear to have the highest potential for successful graduate-level study and are the most likely to contribute substantially to their academic fields through professional practice, research, or teaching.

Although most students who are accepted into MSIA or IAST programs hold a degree in a field of the social sciences or humanities, applicants with degrees in engineering disciplines, computer science, or the sciences are eligible and encouraged to apply.

Applicants to the Nunn School’s graduate programs must have completed a four-year baccalaureate degree at an accredited university or college.

Entrance to either the MSIA or IAST program is extremely competitive and meeting the minimum requirements outlined below does not guarantee acceptance.

Graduate Record Examination (GRE)

The GRE is required of all applicants (other exams are not accepted). All applicants must submit scores for the following three parts: Verbal, Quantitative, and Analytical Writing.  Applicants should understand that GRE test scores are an important part of the application, and it is essential to submit the best possible scores. The Nunn School will count the highest scores from each section when calculating an applicant’s score.

The median GRE scores for applicants accepted into our graduate program for the Fall 2015 semester are:


  • Verbal: 160
  • Quantitative: 153
  • Analytical Writing: 4.0


  • Verbal: 164
  • Quantitative: 156
  • Analytical Writing: 4.0

NOTE: GRE test scores that are more than 5 years old will not be accepted. If your GRE scores are more than 5 years old, you will be required to retake the GRE test.

The admission committee considers several factors when making admission decisions, including academic performance at prior institutions (GPAs), GRE test scores, statement of purpose, and letters of recommendation. All of these factors are important. An applicant’s chances of gaining admission are improved with above average GRE scores.  Similarly, an applicant’s chances of gaining admission are reduced in the event that GRE scores are below average.  If an applicant’s GRE scores are low — i.e., below 150V, 150Q, and 3.0AW — admission is unlikely. Furthermore, meeting or exceeding these average numbers for GRE scores does not guarantee admission.

How to Apply

Start the application process by going to:

You will be asked to select a major. When you enter International Affairs, you will be routed to detailed instructions for completing and submitting the application, online letters of recommendation, and required documents. You should print these instructions so you can refer to them anytime.

  1. Complete the online application on CollegeNet.

    The online application includes:

    • The general Georgia Tech application. On this form, you will enter general information about yourself, your contact information, and your academic qualifications. You will also enter your statement of purpose and résumé while completing the online application. You must submit these online. Do not mail the statement of purpose or résumé a separate document.

      Note: It is critical that you accurately enter your personal contact information in the online application in case we need to contact you.

    • Georgia Residency Application
    • Information from Non-Citizens Form (International applicants only)
    • Submission and application fee payment.
  2. Letters of Recommendation

    Three letters of recommendation are required, and it is recommended that at least two of your recommendations come from faculty who are familiar with your academic performance. The letters of recommendation are submitted online. Information regarding the submission of the letters is given in the directions for submitting your online application. INTA requires online letters of recommendation except in very rare circumstances. By not using the online system, you could cause delay in your application’s consideration.

  3. Submitting supporting documents

    Instructions for submitting required documents are included in the directions you are given at the beginning of the online application process.

    Documents to be mailed should be sent to:

    Graduate Admissions Office
    631 Cherry Street
    Savant Building, Room 318
    Atlanta, GA 30332-0321

    For all applicants:

    • Official transcripts from all schools attended after high school are required. If mailed transcripts are requested by Graduate Admissions, they must be in envelopes sealed by the issuing office in order to be considered official when mailed.
    • Official GRE scores sent directly to us by ETS for the basic skill GRE exam consisting of verbal, quantitative, and analytical writing tests. Only official score reports will be accepted, no photocopies. The GRE subject examination is not required. GRE test scores that are more than 5 years old will not be accepted. If your GRE scores are more than 5 years old, you will be required to retake the GRE test. Do not send photo copies of your GRE test scores; we will only accept official GRE scores received from ETS.
    • The GRE institution code for Georgia Tech is 5248 The GRE department code for INTA is 1901.

    For international applicants only:

    • TOEFL scores are mandatory for international students. INTA requires a minimum TOEFL score of 100 for the iBT TOEFL or the equivalent in the paper or computer-based formats. The TOEFL requirement is waived for international students who have received a bachelor’s degree from an accredited school in the United States or have completed one year of graduate studies in the United States. International students need to review this additional important information regarding your admissions process and financial aid.
    • The TOEFL institution code for Georgia Tech is 5248. The department code is 88.
    • Proof of financial support.

Application Status

After completing your online application, you will be permitted to check the status of documents sent to Georgia Tech. You may follow the progress of your application by logging into Status Checking found at Because some of the documents must be processed and certified by more than one office, please be patient. During high peak time, (January-March) it may take several weeks for some confirmations to appear.

Admission Decisions

Online applications must be completed and submitted and the application fee paid by the dates shown below to be considered. An admission decision will not be made on an incomplete application.

A Note to International Applicants: The deadline dates listed below are the latest that we will accept applications. However, it is strongly recommended that international students residing in and outside the United States submit their applications as early as possible.

Deadlines for Applications

  • Master of Science

    • United States Citizens and Permanent Residents

      Priority Deadline / Consideration for Fellowships/Assistantships: January 15th
      Space Available: April 1st

    • International Applicants (includes those residing in the United States)

      All applicants: January 15th

  • Doctor of Philosophy

    All applicants: January 15th