Undergraduate Degrees


The Nunn School offers three outstanding bachelor's degree programs. These three degree programs are based upon a core curriculum in international affairs, foreign languages, social and natural science, mathematics, computer science, and humanities. Upper-level coursework provides specific training in international security and diplomacy, comparative cultures and societies, international political economy, ethics, and the increasingly important role of technology in international affairs. Students in all three degree programs are encouraged to pursue the International Plan version of these degrees.

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Degree Programs

HTS requirement for INTA, IAML, and EIA degrees

As is listed on the degree checklist, every student must complete one HTS course for the INTA degree. The goal of this course is a broad study of non-U.S. history. The courses that count towards this HTS requirement can be found in the course catalog.

Technology Requirement

All Nunn School undergraduates are required to complete two technology courses before graduation. Specific classes can be found in the course catalog.

Cluster Electives

A non-major cluster is a grouping of classes that are related or thematic, like pre-law, business, history, or pre-med. The purpose of the cluster is to give students a secondary area of specialization and to provide additional depth to the undergraduate program. A non-major cluster can combine classes from the same department or from different departments. The only requirement is that the classes be related. Classes used towards a minor, certificate, or second major can count towards a cluster. More information is available in the course catalog.