Graduate Certificate in Global Development

The graduate certificate in Global Development is offered by the Sam Nunn School of International Affairs, School of City and Regional Planning, and School of Economics. The certificate will provide graduate level training in principles and methods of global development through multidisciplinary courses. Courses will cover a wide variety of topics on the theory, methods, and application of global development. The goal of the 12-credit hour certificate is to increase marketability for students seeking employment opportunities in organizations dedicated to addressing economic development, urban and regional planning, environmental problems and international affairs.

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Certificate Requirements

  • Twelve hours of coursework in international affairs, city and regional planning, and economics
  • For students enrolled as a master’s or a doctoral student, courses used in a certificate also may be used to satisfy requirements in the student’s major degree program, unless otherwise designated by the academic unit offering the certificates
  • A course may not be counted towards more than one certificate
  • All courses counting toward the certificate must be taken on a letter-grade basis, and be completed with a grade of C or higher with a minimum GPA of 2.7 for the certificate

Required Courses (6 to 7-credit hours)

  • INTA/CP/ECON 6704 Introduction to Global Development (3) 
  • CP 6052 Planning Studio (4); or CP 6053 Urban Design Studio; or INTA/ECON 6744 Graduate Capstone in Global Development (3)

Certificate Details

Pick any two Elective Courses (5 to 6-credit hours)

Sam Nunn School of International Affairs

  • INTA 6003 Empirical Research Methods
  • INTA 6202 Comparative Politics
  • INTA 6302 International Political Economy
  • INTA 6740 Innovation and the State
  • INTA/CS 6745 ICT and Global Development.
  • INTA 6753 Comparative Science & Technology Policy
  • INTA 8803 Political Economy of Development

School of City and Regional Planning

  • CP 6112 Introduction to Land Use
  • CP 6217 Climate Change and the City
  • CP 6190 Introduction to Climate Change Planning
  • CP 6233 Sustainable Development
  • CP 6514 Introduction to GIS
  • CP 6412/PUBP 6600 Economic Development Planning
  • CP 6422 Economic Development Analysis
  • CP 6570 Socioeconomic GIS
  • CP 6541 Environmental GIS
  • CP 6422 Economic Development Analysis  
  • CP 6442 Equity, Justice & Economic Development
  • CP 6241 Water Resource Planning
  • CP 6311/CEE 6602 Introduction to Transportation Planning/Urban Transport Planning
  • CP 6321 Transportation Planning & Investment
  • CP 6831 Urban Infrastructure
  • CP 6611 Real Estate Finance & Development  
  • CP 6612 Community Development
  • CP 6630 Government and Housing Markets
  • CP 6640 Real Estate Development Methods
  • CP 6680 Citizen Participation
  • CP 6032 Urban Regional Development
  • CP 6331 Land Use & Transportation
  • CP 6834 Urban Design Policy and Implementation
  • CP 6836 Urban Ecological Design
  • CP 8300 Urban and Regional Theory

School of Economics

  • ECON 4415/INTA 8803 Conflict and Security in Developing Countries
  • ECON 6360 Development Economics
  • ECON 6380 Economics of Environment
  • ECON 6650 International Economics
  • ECON 6340 Transportation Economics
  • ECON 6330 Urban and Regional Economics
  • ECON 8803 The World Trading System: Law, Economics and Corporate Strategy

Admission Requirements

  • Official transcripts, including award of bachelor’s degree or equivalent
  • Statement of interest
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Curriculum vitae/resume
  • TOEFL or IELTS scores for international applicants

Admission Instructions

For more information on admissions to the graduate certificate program, please visit the admissions instructions site