Our Mission


The Sam Nunn School of International Affairs develops 21st-century global leaders through education in systematic inquiry, empirical and data analytical research, innovative and interdisciplinary programming, as well as practical outreach in international security, global development, and international affairs, science, and technology.


To advance the global human condition through cutting-edge social science research and teaching on strategic, comparative, and international governance and political economy approaches to global issues at the nexus of international affairs, science, and technology.


  1. To produce and disseminate research that explicates international policy dilemmas and informs practical responses
  2. To prepare the next generation of global leaders for careers in the public, private, academia, and nonprofit sectors
  3. To promote a global education through internships and study abroad opportunities
  4. To address global challenges and governance issues in three areas: international security, global development, and international affairs, science, and technology with a focus on emerging technology, sustainability, environment, energy, space, and innovation
  5. To engage distinguished professors of the practice who bring practical experience at the highest levels of policy and corporate decision-making into teaching, research, and mentoring students
  6. To sponsor public programs that probe and offer innovative solutions to global challenges related to issues facing the state and country
  7. To recruit, support, mentor, and retain diversified faculty
  8. To increase and diversify our student body through targeted regional recruiting and partnerships
  9. To develop an inclusive, diversified, and equitable environment where students, faculty, and staff have a safe space to thrive
  10. To collaborate and engage across disciplines to gain new perspectives and experiences