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The Georgia Tech Military Fellows Program began in Fall 2014 with the first two US Army Fellows at the initiative of Margaret E. Kosal, an associate professor in the Nunn School. Since then, six cohorts with nine Military Fellows have spent a year at Georgia Tech, in place of spending time at their Senior Service College. These postgraduate fellows are military officers who are preparing to assume leadership roles within their organizations.

The Military Fellows have the responsibility to engage with students and faculty by auditing two classes per semester and participating as guest speakers. These fellows also do outreach, attend events hosted by the School, and are invited to small group meetings with special guests. The last component of their duties is to conduct independent research during the year on a topic relevant and useful to their organizations. At the end of their studies, they complete a written paper based on their research.

Research conducted by the AY2017-2018 Army Fellow, "Protecting Aviation and Enabling Military Dominance Through Disruptive Innovation" by COL T. Chris Petty was published last academic year as a chapter in the edited volume, titled Disruptive and Game Changing Technologies in Modern Warfare: Development, Use, and Proliferation, by Kosal, (Ed.). Two additional edited volumes with chapters by other military fellows are currently under review with publishers.

Three new Military Fellows from the US Air Force, US Army, and US Navy arrive every fall semester. Georgia Tech is among 13 premier academic and research institutions that host Military Fellows every academic year.

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