Amanda Shailendra

Name: Amanda Shailendra Picture of Faculty/Staff Member
Alumni Of:
  • School of International Affairs
  • M.S. INTA 2005
Current Job: Commerce and Entrepreneurship group of the Atlanta Development Authority

How did Tech and INTA help you get where you are?

Having a Masters degree from Georgia Tech continues to open doors for me and gives me an advantage in my personal and professional endeavors. In the field of economic development, I regularly interact with international companies and global organizations. My studies in the INTA program have provided me with a foundation that is very helpful in working with these groups. The diversity of the students in my classes also exposed me to different perspectives and cultures, which allows me to more effectively work with businesses from around the world. Additionally, Georgia Tech alums here in Atlanta are always happy to help out one of their own. I have found that in my profession, there are many Georgia Tech graduates and we all watch out for one another!

What advice you would give current students at Tech as well as the Sam Nunn School specifically?

One of the most important things for current students to consider is the importance of networking, both within the program and throughout the school. The contacts I made during classes as well as through extracurricular activities continue to be valuable to me. If I were a student again, I would take advantage of the alumni lunches, speaking series, and educational programs. Make sure to meet with your professors whenever possible - they have great advice and fabulous networks! Another great way to network within the Georgia Tech community is to get a job while you're in the INTA program. My graduate assistantship position gave me not only great work experience but it was a fabulous opportunity to get to know three INTA professors in a more collegial way.

What is something that you got from studying INTA at Tech?

INTA at Tech provided me with a balanced look at international issues through the combination of theoretical and practical coursework. The wide range of elective classes offered to INTA students allows students to focus on specific issues or specific regions should they prefer to do that. I chose to vary my courses, and very much enjoyed this approach. One of my favorite classes was international business law taught by Professor Ken Cutshaw because he used a case study approach and exposed us to real life examples of global business strategies.

Also, a brief description of what you are currently working on would be greatly appreciated.

Currently I work for the Atlanta Development Authority in the Commerce and Entrepreneurship group. Our team is responsible for marketing the city of Atlanta to companies nationally and internationally, with a goal of bringing jobs and investment into the city. We work with partners at the state and the Metro Atlanta Chamber. Additionally, I work with Atlanta's existing companies to help their business grow and flourish in our city. In my personal life, I enjoy serving on the Board of Trustees for Atlanta Ballet and am currently participating in Leadership Georgia with my husband Paul.