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Philip M. Baxter is currently a Ph.D. Candidate in the International Affairs, Science, and Technology program in the Sam Nunn School of International Affairs at Georgia Tech. A former Nonproliferation Fellow with the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and the National Nuclear Security Administration and researcher at the National Defense University, his current research focuses on international security issues, in particular nuclear proliferation, deterrence, strategic stability, energy issues, illicit trafficking, and nuclear safeguards.

Dissertation Topic: A Network Approach to Tacit Knowledge in Nuclear Weapons Programs: Examining the Epistemic Communities and Bureaucratic Compartmentalization of Proliferation

Sam Nunn Security Fellow, 2014-2015
NPWG Workshop on the Application of Open Source Tools for Nuclear Nonproliferation, January, 2015
Institute for Global Conflict and Cooperation: Public Policy and Nuclear Threats Training 
Program, August, 2013 
Center for Nonproliferation Studies/Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory: International 
Safeguards Policy and Information Analysis, July, 2013 
Oak Ridge National Laboratory: Non-Destructive Analysis Training International Safeguards 
Class, March 2013 
Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organization: Advanced Science Course, "Around the Globe 
and Around the Clock: The Science and Technology of the CTBT", November 2012 

Research Papers: 
Technology and Threat Perception: Nuclear Technology as a Determinant of Threat
Radiological and Nuclear Smuggling: A Network Analysis Approach
China’s Naval Intentions: Empirical Review of Chinese Maritime Activities since 1985
Proximity to Power: A Geographic Perspective on Nuclear Proliferation
Strategic Implications of a Delayed US/ROK 123 Agreement
The Nonproliferation Value of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty: A Constructivist Perspective
Pyroprocessing and the Republic of Korea: A Policy Review
Nuclear Proliferation and Tacit Knowledge: Network Approach to Domestic Knowledge Development


Faculty Advisor:
Adam N. Stulberg


  • Asia (North) / Eurasia
  • Energy
  • Foreign Policy
  • National Security
  • National Strategy
  • Strategy


  • INTA-1200: American Government
  • INTA-3121: Russia and Eurasia

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