Undergraduate Certificate in Global Engagement

New Year's in Hong Kong

The Global Engagement Certificate builds on students’ international experiences to form a cohesive 12-credit certificate. Students can customize their certificate focus through their specific selection of internationally focused courses and/or by choosing to include foreign language study from the School of Modern Languages. As a result of completing this certificate, students will develop essential knowledge, skills, and experience that are beneficial to all career paths. 


  1. Take ONE 3-credit course from the following list:
    1. INTA 3050 – The Meaning of Global Citizenship
    2. ML 3500 (new) – The Theory and Practice of Intercultural Communication
    4. CHIN/FREN/GRMN/JAPN/KOR/RUSS/SPAN 4500 – Advanced Intercultural Seminar
  2. Take ONE 3000- or 4000-level course from the approved lists of International Plan courses.
    1. This ONE course may be from the International Relations list, the Global Economics list, or the Country/Region list. Only ONE course needs to be taken in total for this requirement. Please see the course lists at https://catalog.gatech.edu/academics/special-academic-programs/international-plan/  
  3. Complete 6 academic credit hours on a study, intern, or research abroad program.
    1. Any study, intern, or research abroad opportunity for which at least 6 academic credits are documented on a student’s Georgia Tech transcript is eligible.
    2. Any courses may be taken to fulfill these 6 credit hours abroad. However, courses that are used to fulfill Requirements 1 and 2 above may not be counted as part of the 6 credit hours abroad. 
    3. If a student completes more than 6 credit hours abroad, the excess credit hours beyond 6 credits are permitted to be used to fulfill other certificate requirements.
    4. Study, intern, or research abroad requirements may not be fulfilled in a student’s home country.
  4. As this is an interdisciplinary certificate, coursework used to satisfy the certificate requirements must come from at least two different academic departments. 
  5. Students who earn the International Plan degree designation may not also earn the Global Engagement Certificate.

To receive the Global Engagement Certificate, students must complete all requirements for a bachelor's degree at Georgia Tech.


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For questions relating to the certificate in global engagement, please contact Ashlee Toomey-Flinn at ashlee.flinn@oie.gatech.edu.