Undergraduate Minors

Why Minor in International Affairs?

A minor in International Affairs provides an opportunity to receive credit on your transcript for a program of specialized instruction in the globalization of politics, economics, and the increasing interdependence of states. The minor program is designed for students who want an academic concentration that entails a more in-depth course of study than a certificate program. One benefit of that depth is that a minor appears on your transcript, whereas a certificate does not.

Minors Available

Minor Rules and Restrictions

  • No more than six (6) credit hours of Special Topics courses and three (3) credit hours of Special Problem or Undergraduate Research courses may be counted toward the minor.
  • No more than three (3) credit hours of transfer credit can be counted toward the minor.
  • Courses required by name and number and/or used to satisfy core areas A through E in a student's major degree program may not be used in satisfying the course requirements for a minor. However, courses used in a minor also may be used to fulfill other elective requirements (free electives, cluster electives, etc.) in the student's major degree program.
  • A course may not be counted toward more than one minor and/or certificate.
  • All courses must be taken on a letter-grade basis and a grade of C or better must be received in each course counted toward the minor.
  • A student may petition to allow three (3) credit hours of upper-division, non-INTA coursework to count toward completion of the minor if that coursework is clearly relevant to International Affairs.
  • All course prerequisites must be satisfied in order to register for upper-division coursework.
  • A complete set of guidelines for undergraduate minors is available on the Georgia Tech Course Catalog website.

Declaring the Minor

You may declare a minor at any time by completing the Change/Addition of An Academic Minor(s) Form, obtaining signatures and submitting the form to the Registrar’s office.

Students must submit the Approved Program of Study Form (International Affairs or Global Development) at the same time the Online Application for Graduation (OAG) is completed. This is generally done the semester before graduation.

Students wishing to pursue the Minor in International Affairs should consult with Stephanie Jackson to plan appropriate courses, to declare the minor to track in DegreeWorks, and to get signature approval.

Questions about the Minor in International Affairs should be directed to:

Stephanie Jackson
Assistant Director, Undergraduate Advising and Professional Development
Phone: 404.894.0342
Email: stephanie.jackson@inta.gatech.edu
156 Habersham / Ivan Allen College

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