Rich digital media as a tool in post-conflict truth and reconciliation

Title: Rich digital media as a tool in post-conflict truth and reconciliation
Format: Journal Article
Publication Date: December 2011
Published In: Media, War and Conflict
Description: Modern rich digital media (such as interactive systems with audio and video as well as text) have not been robustly deployed as a tool in the processes of peace-building, healing and reconciliation in nations emerging from civil conflict. This article studies the use of rich digital media in Liberia, a country that has only recently emerged from a protracted and intense civil war. The authors demonstrate that, when rich digital media are used to target processes of truth and reconciliation, they enhance Liberians' feeling of self-efficacy-their self-assessed sense of personal competence to deal effectively with stressful situations. This increased self-efficacy was not present in a control group. The authors argue that self-efficacy is a critical component for forgiveness and truth-telling which, in turn, is a fundamental process in reconciliation and healing. These results are based on a survey of over 100 Liberians in Monrovia, the capital city. Participants interacted with a rich digital media system, took pre- and post-interaction self-efficacy inventories, and responded to additional questions. The findings suggest that rich digital media focused on truth and reconciliation can contribute to post-conflict healing. © SAGE Publications 2011.
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Citation: Media, War and Conflict. 4. Issue 3. 231 - 249. ISSN 1750-6352. DOI 10.1177/1750635211420628.
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