News: Adebola Writes Chapter for the "Handbook of Space Policy"

Olufunke Adebola

Posted April 28, 2020

Olufunke Adebola, an alumna of the Nunn School, has co-authored with another Georgia Tech alumnus Simon Adebola, a chapter in the Handbook of Space Policy published by Springer International Publishing.

The chapter, “Space-Enabled Integrated Decision Support Systems for Reduction of Agricultural Postharvest Loss” reviews space-based applications in support of decision-making processes of policymakers and presents a conceptual framework for their implementation in agriculture in general with postharvest loss reduction as an example.

Olufunke Adebola dissertation, which she defended on February 26, focused on postharvest loss in Ghana. Her research studied the development and policy implications of contract farming as a market-based intervention for reducing postharvest loss and food waste, to prevent food insecurity.

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