Dr. Kirk Bowman Featured in Global Atlanta “Authors Amplified” Series

Kirk S. Bowman (right) and Jon R. Wilcox (left) in Chacrinha, Rio de Janeiro.

Posted September 8, 2021

On August 24, 2021, Nunn School Professor Dr. Kirk Bowman and his co-author John R. Wilcox were featured in Global Atlanta’s "Authors Amplified" series. The series is designed to highlight Georgia authors and give them a platform to promote their books. Bowman and Wilcox’s book, Reimaging Global Philanthropy, was released in September 2021. The book details how Westerns are often misguided in their search to help the less fortunate and do not engage in activities that are efficient for helping others. They explain the global boom in the compassion industry and implement a new model that raises philanthropic efficiency. The model they developed was tested in Brazil and showed the value of allowing local communities to participate in philanthropic innovations. You can find more information about the talk here.

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