Undergraduate Program

The twenty-first century will be characterized by the globalization of politics, economics, and communications and the increasing interdependence of states.  Working towards international peace and security will require that business leaders, policymakers, and scholars possess cultural sensitivity and the skills to engage in strategic planning and analysis in a rapidly changing environment.

At the Sam Nunn School of International Affairs, we train leaders for the exciting new world of the twenty-first century and beyond.  Our curriculum provides instruction in the fundamental skills necessary to understand world politics and enables students to tailor their studies to pursue specific interests and post-graduation objectives. In addition, our students expand their horizons through a range of study abroad programs, internships, and involvement in a host of on- and off-campus activities.

The School's faculty take teaching very seriously, and the sense of community among faculty and students is akin to a small college atmosphere.  Our students are among the best and brightest at Georgia Tech. Even though the School and its programs are young and growing, our graduates are already pursuing careers and postgraduate studies in an impressive range of settings.  The Sam Nunn School at Georgia Tech is uniquely able to equip its students with knowledge of the growing and significant nexus of political, scientific, and technological issues in a borderless world.