Undergraduate Certificate in Asian Affairs

The Certificate in Asian Affairs, offered jointly by the Sam Nunn School of International Affairs and the School of History, Technology, and Society, recognizes the achievement of concentrated knowledge in a subject area. Asia is a dynamic region of the world economy and a focal point of international security and diplomatic attention. Three of America's four major wars during the twentieth century were fought in Asia. The Asian experience challenges Western theories of economic development, political change, and the role of culture and institutions in shaping management practices and manufacturing systems. Despite the growing importance of Asia on the world stage, the number of university graduates with specialized knowledge of Asian history, culture, language, and politics remains low. 

All of those courses that satisfy the Asian Affairs certificate requirements also fulfill social science requirements necessary for all Tech students.


  1. 12 hours of courses in HTS and INTA, approved by the advisor. 9 of the 12 hours must be at the 3000-level or above.
  2. A least one course must be taken from HTS and one course from INTA.
  3. All courses must be taken on a letter-grade basis, and a grade of C or better must be received in each course.
  4. Students majoring in INTA or HTS may not count courses toward the certificate that are required for their majors by name and number or for other INTA certificates.
  5. No more than 6 credits of special topics (4803) and three credits of special problems (4903) may be used towards the certificate.

Certificate Details

Courses that Qualify for the Certificate:

  • HTS 2061 Traditional Asia and Its Legacy
  • HTS 2062 Asia in the Modern World
  • HTS 2875-7 Special Topics (with approval)
  • HTS 3061 Modern China
  • HTS 3062 Modern Japan
  • HTS 4061-65 Seminar in Asian History
  • HTS 4875-7 Special Topics (with approval)
  • INTA 2230 Government and Politics of Asia
  • INTA 3130 Foreign Policy of China
  • INTA 3131 Pacific Security Issues
  • INTA 3230 Government and Politics of China
  • INTA 3231 Government and Politics of Japan
  • INTA 3330 Political Economy of China
  • INTA 3331 Political Economy of Japan
  • INTA 4330 Chinese Economic Reform
  • INTA 4331 Chinese Politics in Transition
  • INTA 4332 Chinese Institutions and Policy Process
  • INTA 4801-3 Special Topics (with approval)
  • INTA 4803 Korean Security Issues
  • INTA 4803H Korean Policy Seminar