Minor in International Affairs

The Minor in International Affairs is especially useful for students preparing for graduate school or careers in internationally oriented fields. Completing a minor in international affairs signals to a prospective employer or graduate admissions committee that you have acquired a significant amount of knowledge about international affairs.

Minor Requirements

  • A minimum of 18 hours of coursework in the Sam Nunn School of International Affairs that includes successful completion of:
    • INTA 1110 (Introduction to International Relations);
    • One course at the 2000-level (not to include INTA 2001 or 2010); and
    • 12 hours of upper-division (3000-level or higher) INTA coursework.

Minor Restrictions

  • No more than 6 credit hours of Special Topics courses and 3 credit hours of Special Problem or Undergraduate Research courses may be counted toward the minor.
  • No more than 3 credit hours of transfer credit can be counted toward the minor.
  • Courses required by name and number and/or used to satisfy core areas A through E in a student's major degree program may not be used in satisfying the course requirements for a minor. However, courses used in a minor also may be used to fulfill other elective requirements (free electives, cluster electives, etc.) in the student's major degree program.
  • A course may not be counted toward more than one minor and/or certificate.
  • All courses must be taken on a letter-grade basis and a grade of C or better must be received in each course counted toward the minor.
  • A student may petition to allow 3 credit hours of upper-division, non-INTA coursework to count toward completion of the minor if that coursework is clearly relevant to International Affairs.
  • All course prerequisites must be satisfied in order to register for upper-division coursework.

A complete set of guidelines for undergraduate minors is available on the Georgia Tech Course Catalog website.

Declaring a Minor

1. Watch this video for an overview and instructions on how to add the minor.
2. Find and complete the add a minor form 
3. Have your major advisor sign the form
4. Email the form to advising@inta.gatech.edu
5. Set up an advising appointment to review DegreeWorks and get questions answered. After that appointment, your advisor will sign and submit the form.