Amanda Shojaee

Amanda Shojaee is the co-founder of In Good Company, an organization that helps hospitality companies hire and employ people with disabilities. 

1. Why are you passionate about this work?

Business value and social good can work together beautifully, and I love getting to make that happen. Hospitality needs talent, and there are many people with intellectual or developmental disabilities looking for work. Through our efforts, these two groups can come together to solve two challenges with lasting success.

2. What was the most challenging aspect of starting a business, and how did you overcome it?

Going all in and the risks that come with doing that was a challenge. However, I knew I was itching for more in my life and looking to do something with a greater purpose, and I could feel that happening even before we incorporated it. Additionally, I felt confident in my co-founder's vision and passion and was excited to see where that would take us. Participating in CREATE-X over the summer of 2023 helped to confirm that we could work on this business full-time.

3. How does your company use technology?

We have developed a platform that provides users with resources as they navigate employing those with disabilities. Right now, we have content and materials regarding accommodations, job postings, and the interview process, and we are looking to grow our resources even more as we continue customer discovery. Our goal is to provide value to employers in the areas they most need help when hiring those with disabilities so the process is improved and more people can be hired and retained for the long term.

4. How did your IAC degree help you succeed?

I think my IAC degree helped me to think critically when I approach challenges. While my work is more domestic-focused, there are still many complexities in navigating a variety of stakeholders, the history of disability in the United States, and the public policy that can affect how businesses and advocacy groups act. Just like in international affairs, I must consider the interests of those I interact with to understand how they operate.

5. What advice do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs at Ivan Allen College?

Take advantage of being at Georgia Tech! You are gaining a lot of great skills at IAC and, at the same time, learning about some complex problems in the world. Combine those skills with the work being done at the College of Computing or Engineering, and you can tackle anything. Don't be afraid of taking risks. This is the time and place to do it!

Amanda Shojaee graduated with a B.S. in International Affairs in 2014. See more profiles of our alumni founders!

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B.S. International Affairs
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Co-Founder, In Good Company