Featured People


  • Alasdair Young

    Current Job:  Professor of International Affairs

    I have always been fascinated by international politics, and academia gives me the opportunity to pursue that interest and to share what I learn

  • Michael Salomone

    Current Job:  Professor

    My advice to students is to make yourself different by developing a complementary skill to your primary education.

Graduate Student

  • Allison Stanford

    Degree:  Masters

    I really like the fact that the curriculum extends beyond INTA and into STEM classes - I feel like being exposed to math, science, and computer science courses has really given me an edge over my peers at other institutions.

  • Plamen Mavrov

    Degree:  Masters of Science in International Affairs

    Senator Nunn, General Breedlove, and Admiral Winnifeld's visit to my Global Issues and Leadership classes is among the most memorable experiences that I am glad I had during my time here.

Undergraduate Student

  • Kirthi Rao

    Degree:  International Affairs

    From Chemistry to International Affairs


  • Alexious Butler

    Degree:  M.S. International Affairs
    Current Job:  Senior Development Advisor in the U.S. Central Command in Tampa, Florida

  • Arnab Das

    Degree:  B.S. International Affairs, B.S. ISyE
    Current Job:  Deputy Commissioner for Administration at the Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings in New York City

    Arnab Das is the deputy commissioner for administration at the Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings in New York City, where he leads administrative functions for the agency.

  • Caitlin Michaelis

    Degree:  International Affairs
    Current Job:  Strategic Sourcing Consultant at Anthem Inc.

    Each successive experience getting me closer and closer to the field I would eventually choose

  • Chloe Stargel

    Degree:  International Affairs and Modern Languages
    Current Job:  Business Analyst at Accenture

    The Nunn School's incredible faculty, small class sizes, and interdisciplinary approach were pivotal components of my education and helped prepare me for my professional career.

  • Mia Floyd

    Degree:  B.S. INTA 2019
    Current Job:  Senior Associate at International Venture Philanthropy Center (IVPC) in Atlanta, Georgia

  • Peter Hylton

    Degree:  International Affairs
    Current Job:  PhD Candidate in the School of City and Regional Planning at Georgia Tech

    Studying at the school showed me how different governance structures produce distinct outcomes and how international governance structures can coordinate solutions.

  • Shannon Kehoe

    Degree:  B.S. International Affairs and Modern Languages, M.S. Analytics
    Current Job:  Director of Artificial Intelligence at Cleverbridge in Cologne, Germany

    Shannon Kehoe is the director of artificial intelligence at Cleverbridge, where she works to prevent A.I. from learning the wrong patterns and taking over the world.

  • Travis Mitchell

    Degree:  Bachelor of Science in International Affairs, minor in French
    Current Job:  Executive Director, American Chamber of Commerce in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

    Travis Mitchell is the executive director of the American Chamber of Commerce in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. He acts as a bridge between the government and the private sector, “so I am able to contribute to the growth of a place I really love,” he says.

DC Alumni

  • Andrew Coco

  • Johnny Jones

    Degree:  B.S. in International Affairs
    Current Job:  Diplomat, Member of the Council on Foreign Relations

    How Johnny Jones, BS INTA, spent his career traveling the globe, meeting new people, and focusing on the consequences of U.S. foreign policy objectives in the Middle East. 

  • Molly Weston

DC Faculty

DC Student