Academic Credit for Internships

The Sam Nunn School of International Affairs offers academic and audit credit for unpaid internships. Students can earn only audit credit for paid internships.

Audit Credit

Nunn School students participating in full or part-time paid/unpaid internships are eligible for up to twelve credits of audit credit. The tuition-free audit credit allows students to remain enrolled full-time while interning, and the internship is recorded on the student transcript. See the Career Center for details about enrolling in the Georgia Tech Internship Program and about getting audit credit for an internship.

Academic Credit

Nunn School students with unpaid internships are eligible to receive 3 credits for recognition of their unpaid internship experiences. Multiple registrations for the course are allowed. Credit may be used toward INTA or FREE electives.

Academic credit is awarded for an internship that provides a structured learning experience that addresses learning outcomes and contributes to the student's intellectual and personal growth. The internship should provide opportunities to apply formal classroom knowledge and practical perspective that relates to the major and develops the student's strengths. Fall and spring internships should run a minimum of 12 weeks and summer internships a minimum of 8 weeks.

In addition to the hours worked, grading and credit are based on:

  • completing a reflective report
  • conducting and summarizing an executive-level informational interview
  • performance evaluations from the student’s internship supervisor

Once the course is approved, students receive an approval email and a permit that will allow registration via OSCAR. The default for the course is three credits. Students are responsible for paying tuition for the unpaid internship credit. At the end of the semester, students must submit the reflective report and executive informational interview summary for a grade to receive the internship credit.

To apply for the internship credit, complete all sections of the form below by the submission deadline for the requested semester.

Form for Unpaid Internship Credit (INTA 2901/4901/8901)