Research Opportunities: Past Projects

This is a brief listing of students' recent research topics and their supervising professors. Nunn School students may also request to research with professors in other Georgia Tech departments.

Student Professor Topic

Andrew Harris

S.E. Goodman

Geopolitics of Information and Communication Networks

Derrick Favors

Michael Salomone

The Economic Consequences of War

Katherine Lange

Margaret Kosal

Deterring Bioterrorism: Re-Emerging Infectious Disease and Deterrence Theory

Patti Murphy

Margaret Kosal

The Security Implications of Advanced Neuroscience, Pharmaceuticals, and the Cognitive Sciences

Taylor Roundtree

Michael Salomone

Strategic Bombing in World War II

Tucker Brown

Brian Woodall

Power Politics in Syria

Anthony Boyles

Margaret Kosal

Defense Technology Policy

Jeremy Kobus

Peter Brecke

Drivers of Afghan Insurgent Activity

Niklas Harder

Katja Weber

Kosovo After Independence

Lauren Kretz

Vicki Birchfield

Islam and Integration in France

Sapphire Liu

Margaret Kosal

Security and Gaming

Madison Lee

Michael Salomone

The Peloponnesian War

Molly Randall

Kirk Bowman

Politics of Uruguayan Film

Tiffany DeLeon

Margaret Kosal

Terrorism and Weapons of Mass Destruction in Latin America

Alice Wang

Michael Best

Effects of Online Communication on Conflict Resolution in Cyprus